Monday, February 24, 2014

Motivation Monday

Okay by popular demand I am showing you all my ab workouts! 
Lets start by saying... I don't feel like I do anything special!
But I am more than happy to share what I do! 

first things first

Girls, I know you want results after two weeks (I mean come on who doesn't?!?) but it doesn't work like that! I have been fully dedicated to the gym since june and I'm just now seeing the results I wanted to see at two weeks! Its definitely a process peeps!
K now to the good stuff! to start my abs even if I'm already "warmed up" I like to get my heart rate up! even though I hate running I run for at least a quarter to a half a mile before I start!!
okay don't laugh... 

normal crunches, I normally do 30 of them 

real sit ups! I do 20 of them 

not sure what to call these.. I learned them in body flow! they kill your abs! just try and touch your toes every time you crunch. 20 times  

I have done these my whole life! this is something we would do at dance! but I just learned to put my hands over my head with fingertips touching the ground makes it SO much harder! 
40 all together (20 each leg) 

bicycles I have a love/hate relationship with these bad boys! I love what they do to my abs!! this is my go to ab workout!!! get your elbow to your knee every time!! I do at least 50 of them!! 

planks!! they are your best friend! they might suck!! but they are soo good to you! I like to hold mine for a min at a time but if you need to start at 20 seconds and work your way up please do so! 

this is what you can get from doing abs everyday!! ;)
everything that i just showed you, you can do at home!! try and make a time everyday that you can do this! if it is right before bed or when you wake up! 

If you have any questions please ask away! 
and sorry this video is bad :/ but you get the idea! 


  1. I love love love this post. You have amazing abs. I'm so doing this EVERYDAY!!!! Pinning for sure.