Monday, February 24, 2014

Motivation Monday

Okay by popular demand I am showing you all my ab workouts! 
Lets start by saying... I don't feel like I do anything special!
But I am more than happy to share what I do! 

first things first

Girls, I know you want results after two weeks (I mean come on who doesn't?!?) but it doesn't work like that! I have been fully dedicated to the gym since june and I'm just now seeing the results I wanted to see at two weeks! Its definitely a process peeps!
K now to the good stuff! to start my abs even if I'm already "warmed up" I like to get my heart rate up! even though I hate running I run for at least a quarter to a half a mile before I start!!
okay don't laugh... 

normal crunches, I normally do 30 of them 

real sit ups! I do 20 of them 

not sure what to call these.. I learned them in body flow! they kill your abs! just try and touch your toes every time you crunch. 20 times  

I have done these my whole life! this is something we would do at dance! but I just learned to put my hands over my head with fingertips touching the ground makes it SO much harder! 
40 all together (20 each leg) 

bicycles I have a love/hate relationship with these bad boys! I love what they do to my abs!! this is my go to ab workout!!! get your elbow to your knee every time!! I do at least 50 of them!! 

planks!! they are your best friend! they might suck!! but they are soo good to you! I like to hold mine for a min at a time but if you need to start at 20 seconds and work your way up please do so! 

this is what you can get from doing abs everyday!! ;)
everything that i just showed you, you can do at home!! try and make a time everyday that you can do this! if it is right before bed or when you wake up! 

If you have any questions please ask away! 
and sorry this video is bad :/ but you get the idea! 

Monday, February 17, 2014

. The Day of Love .

ha! I have been running around like a mad woman the past two weeks! 
hence the late post! better late than never, right? 
soo us just moving into a new house in july and coming from a SMALL apartment I haven't had as many decorations as I'd like... but I do have a few Valentine's day decorations.
on top of that I have been put on a strict crafting allowance :/ 
therefore I had to get VERY creative! 
I never watch tv during the day.. I am a dvr kinda girl... but I was folding laundry and studio 5 was on! and it was craft time! ahh k have you ever been onto
umm she is DARLING! and we both have a gold obsession! so she made this

adorable right?? so I started thinking about it and i was like k I have 90% of that stuff so lets make it! 

This is what I started with..  honestly I didn't see if she had a tutorial or not. I'm the kinda person that just looks at something and makes up how I'm going to make it! 
I do know on studio 5 she said she made hers with coffee filters. I used cupcake tins ( I don't know if thats what they are really called) and just hot glued them to this heart cardboard cut out! 
then I took some ribbon that I had on hand and glued it around the edges so you couldn't see the edge of the cardboard! 
I did have to go and get the wood stick for the arrow and the paper on the arrow. 
I spray painted it gold, cut, hot glued, and glittered of course! 

And tada!! she was made! haha I do like her better! but I had to work with what i had! this whole craft cost me $2.00! so im pretty happy about it! 

okay I'm not done but I will hurry! then my bestie over at made the cutest wreath! 

to die for!! 

so I had tule on hand and I had the wreath from sis's birthday party that I knew I wasn't going to use again.. so I just did what she did a lot of cutting and tying! here's how it turned out!

I wanted to do another layer of tule but I got lazy! I'll save it for next year! ;) 
I hope you LOVE my Valentine's day crafts! even though they are a few days late! 

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sneak Peek.. Aren't You Curious?

I am Obsessed with peek clothing!! 
not only do they have thee cutest clothes for your little ones but they wear and wash AMAZING!!!
on top of that they have thee best costumer service EVER! 

Let me just tell you what happened.. for christmas my kids got lot of peek clothes.. well I went to put brigs in his brand new sweater and the seem was ripped all the way up one of his sleeves  :( then I went to put brigy in something else and it was the wrong size! they all were one size to small!!
so I made a trip down to the peek store to exchange them all for the next size up! 
I felt so bad asking them to do all of this for me but I wanted the clothes to fit my kids! sadly they didn't have a lot of the same stuff! but they were so kind to call to EVERY store in the US to find the clothes I wanted in the right size!! 
she found every single thing I wanted from all over.. and had them all shipped to me for free! 
so I go home thinking "wow, they have a really good company!" 
A couple of days later I get my packages in the mail and look at what I found..
A personalized hand written note! are you kidding me?? I don't know about you but this has never happened to me before and it seriously make me think the world of peek clothing!! 
here are some pics of how freakin' cute peek clothes are! 

We decided to cut some straight across bangs on this little missy! 

This kid is a lot harder to take pictures of then his sister! 

Siciley's oufit 
top: peek 
pants: peek 
shoes: gap

brigy's outfit 
top: peek 
pants: peek (ps these are my favorite little boy pants EVER)
shoes: nordstom